Humanity is our priceless asset

Our well-trained, professional staff

Every year, Vicem HA tIEN focus in staff training, strenghthen in intelligence asset and keep them updated with modern technology of the cement industry by:

  • Many short and long term training sessions by leading international experts.
  • Privilege policies to attract young, professional experts: good salary, bonus and oversea training ...
  • Training or employee exchange courses in New Zealand, Europe and Thailand.

Our devoted staff for our growth

  • Modern and friendly working enviroment together with the pride of our brand and product have made many of our staff see VICEM HA TIEN as their second home.
  • They have devoted their power and talent for the growth of VICEM HA TIEN from generation to generation.

Community responsibility is our priority

Our social activities

  • Give back to Vietnam community. We sponsor Green Summer Campaign, bridges and schools in Mekong delta remote areas, scholarship for needy students, presents for the Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and the needy families, gratitude homes for the poor ... Everything we do is just for a better life of Vietnam community.
  • Our social activites has been recorgnized and awarded The Third Labor Medal, The Certificate from the Prime Minister and The Golden Charity Symbol.

Our environmental activities

  • Growing our business, VICEM HA TIEN always remembers to protect the the enviroment and reserve the precious natural resources of our country.
  • VICEM HA TIEN has placed more investment in modern equipments to build an up-to-date green manu-facturer that meets the highest environmental standard . At present, the concentration of dust in our cement plants is around 0.15 - 0.21 mg/m3,  while the international standard is 0.30 mg/m3.

Knowledge and technology are our advantage

Staff's knowledge and skills are our strength

  • Our staff are frequently updated with the modern technology of the world cement industry.
  • Our experts are trained overseas to master the modern technology and deliver innovative ideas for the cement production in the local conditions.
  • Many professional staffs of VICEM HA TIEN have lectured at Vietnam Cement Industry Institute, in charge of training workforce for the cement industry.

Modern teachnology is our advantage

  • VICEM HA TIEN owns 2 plants and 3 grinding terminals with cutting edge technology. Delivering 3 million tons of clinker and 8 million tons of cement per year.
  • All our plants and grinding terminals are geographically ideal for both road and waterway transport (with over 100-ton ships).

Prestige is the base for our business, the trust of our distributors and partners

Our products have been trusted by our consumers

  • VICEM HA TIEN. It's our most popular product that meets the national standards TCVN 6260:2009. All the draw natural materials are combined with special additives by our advanced technology to make the famous cement, which have fast time of setting, fine and high stable quality without cracking. VICEM HA TIEN cement is good for concrete, plastering, finishing work and mixing mortar so it can meet all the needs of civil constructions from foundation to bricklaying or plaster-ing
  • VICEM HA TIEN mortar & plaster. It is a mixture of additives that meets TCVN 4314:2003 standards. As all the ingredients are purified and dried well before mixing, our product guarantees smoother finish for the easthetic look of every construction. It's ready to use when adding water so it helps saving working space and minimizing the waste of mortar in daily use.
  • Our new advanced products.
  • Our concrete bricks (burning free bricks) with thermal insulation, sound proof are ideal for modern designed constructions.
  • Our interlocking bricks are good for a variety of public constructions including pavements, parks, squares or building constructions.
  • Our standard sand is the best choice of many laborato-ries as a replacement for the imported sand they used to use.