Thu Duc Grinding Station

- Official operate and produce cement with design capacity of 240.000 metric ton of clinker per annum in Kiên Lương and 280.000 metric ton of cement per annum in Thu Duc in 1964.

- In 1974, Ha Tien cement factory signed a credit agreement with Polysius to extend its designed capacity from 300.000 metric ton of cement per annum to 1.3 million metric ton of cement per annum. After the Independence of Vietnam, the factory was requisite by the Government in 1977.

- Thu Duc Grinding Station had been upgraded with the advance technology, automated equipment from Europe such as Polsyius, FCB, Haver Boecker. At the present, the designed capacity of Thu Duc Grinding Station is 1.8 million metric ton of cement per annum.

- Loading conveys: Loading capacity of 1.000 metric ton of cement per day for water transport and 7.000 metric ton of cement per day for land transport.

- Products from this station distribute for Ho Chi Minh City area and South-Eastern Provinces

Cam Ranh grinding station

- On the 23 of January 2011, Ha Tien 1 Cement Joint Stock Company (Vicem Ha Tien) official took over Cam Ranh Griding Station from Da Nang Construction Joint Stock Company, member of Vicem (Vietnam Cement Corporation)

- Total investment for this Grinding station was 550 billion VND, the actual capacity of this station is 500.000 metric ton of cement per annum, and this capacity can expand to 1 million metric ton per annum. Located in Cam Ranh Commute and distribute the products to Highland area and Middle and Southern area.

- Cam Ranh grinding station located in Khanh Hoa Province, total investment of 550 billion VND, has the capacity to produce 500.000 to 1.000.000 metric ton of cement per year. It was handover to Vicem Ha Tien in 23 of January 2011 by Da Nang Construction Joint Stock Company. Its products distribute to the Highland area, the Middle and Southern area.

Long An Grinding Station

- Long An Grinding Station was built on 15 June 2007 and first operated on 12 June 2009, located in Long An Province close to Ho Chi Minh City, on the bank of the Vam Co Dong river and nearby the National Highway convenience for land and water transportations.

- Equipped with advance technology from Europe and capacity to produce 500.000 metric ton of cement and the wharf can receive ship with 300 DWT. This station specializes in producing variety of cements type from Original Portland cement to Portland Blended Cements.

Kiên Lương Factory

- Kiên Lương Factory was first operated in 1964 and located in Kien Luong Commute, Kien Giang Province as it was carefully selected due to the rich and suitable raw materials for producing cements. At first it was used to produce clinker only and transport to Thu Duc factory to produce cement, packaging as Ha Tien Cement with the Blue Unicorn simple.

- From 1985 until now Kien Luong factory went through many upgrades, enhancement in technology, and equipment from Europe to increase its capacity to 900.000 metric ton of cement per year and 1 million metric ton of clinker per annum. Also the new production line is ready to operate with design capacity of 1.2 million metric ton of clinker and 600.000 metric ton of cement per year. Loading capacity up to 3.000 metric ton per day for water and land transportation.  

Phu Huu Grinding station

- Phu Huu Grinding station first operate on 31 August 2009, second line started on 15 October 2010 located in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City with total investment of 918 billion VND equipped with state of the art technology from ABB, Loesche and Haver Boecker. It designs capacity up to 2 million metric ton of cement per year and distribute for Ho Chi Minh and East-Southern Areas.

Binh Phuoc Factory

- The most advance factory in Vietnam with total investment of 5.400 billion VND built on Binh Phuoc Province with capacity of 1.3 million metric ton of cement and 1.8 metric ton of clinker per year.

- Binh Phuoc Factory also equipped with closed production chain from Polysius hence enable it to complied with the strict guideline of environmental protection standard of Europe.

- Further more the mergence of Ha Tien 1 Cement Company and Ha Tien 2 Cement Company to Vicem Ha Tien make it stand out to the top cement producer of Vietnam with total capacity of 3 million ton of clinker and 6 million ton of cement per year.

Sales and Service Enterprise

- Formed in 1999 and responsible for many activities including sales, after sales services, marketing, public relations and export cement etc.

- The distribution network contains more than hundred of wholesalers with total consumption of 60% total output of Vicem Ha Tien.

- Sales and Service Enterprise has the authority and act dependently in the business scope given by the Headquarter of Vicem Ha Tien, responsible to the Board of Director of Vicem Ha Tien.